In the year 2009
the gaze rested
on a small hill,
at the foot of Campagna

a small town nestled in the Piana del Sele, south of Salerno, an area with favorable pedoclimatic conditions. The first wine plant was planted in 2013, the choice falls on a precious and autochthonous variety, the Aglianico, a vine variety that has taken on relevance for several years both among wine lovers and among winemakers. Ours is a family-run farm that covers a total area of ​​more than 6 hectares, our agriculture is sustainable and organic and therefore we fully respect the ecosystem, the flora and the fauna. We strongly believe that a balance between Nature and Man can be achieved only through an agriculture that respects natural resources and biodiversity.

To each land its own vineyard,
to every vineyard its own time

The Aglianico was planted at the entrance of the vineyard, near the orchard with pear trees and cherry trees, as if to represent our business card. In 2015 the Merlot plant arrived, and then also the white wine varieties were added, so the Falanghina variety was planted, followed by the Fiano variety. The latest addition is Aglianicone, a variety that seems particularly resistant to water shortages. Our vineyard is combative and fearless, as if to show the rebellious nature of the land with its irregular branches that point at the sky. Our grapes are worked in Prignano Cilento by the De Conciliis winemakers, creating a pure Aglianico, an Aglianico/Merlot blend and a Falanghina.


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